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If I knew where the good songs came from, I would go there more often. Leonard Cohen
22 November 2018
Keywords: Cohen
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Poem for Linda

This is a strange poem that was written when I visited an old friend from school days who I had been close to. Three years after I had last seen her, I met her suddenly in London and was asked to her flat. The next time I saw her was 30 years after this poem was written.
11 March 2018
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For No Other Reason

This is another poem from the past. It was written one Sunday morning in Logroño. My flat had an old battered olive green Venetian blind that didn't entirely manage to keep the light and heat from entering the room.
5 March 2018
Keywords: sun, blind
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The Smell of Winter

The first draft of this poem was written in the autumn of 1978. It has been reworked this winter. There is always one day every autumn, especially where I live in Ocentejo in the mountains, when you suddenly realise that winter is on its way. There is a smell of cold in the air. Soon. this is replaced by the smell of log fires burning.
28 February 2018
Keywords: Winter
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Today's poem is about two ONCE workers. The ONCE is the Spanish National Organisation for the Blind. The Cupón Diario[7] (daily cupón) is drawn daily (Monday to Friday) as a five-digit number and a Series number. Each ticket costs €1.50. Prizes can vary, based on how many of the five digits a particular cupón has, or the sum of all numbers on the cupón and the Series number. The digits have to be in order to win, from left to right. The lowest prize is effectively a refund of the €1.50 that was used to purchase a ticket. ONCE lottery tickets are sold on the streets by authorised cupón sellers, as well as in ONCE kiosks. These are clearly identified by the word "ONCE" and can be found along the high street, at airports, and in shopping malls. These points of sales employ the blind or partially sighted.
26 February 2018
Keywords: ONCE, lottery, blind
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