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What it is about

This poem was written for a competition about Greek mythology. It didn't win.
25 February 2018
Keywords: Minotaur
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A Garbled Message

I have posted A Garbled Message, a poem I wrote just after I arrived in Spain for the first time in October, 1977. It gives my first impressions of the city of Logroño with its two bridges across the Ebro, on the one hand the modern iron bridge is sharp contrast to the elegant stone Roman bridge, part of the pilgrim road to Santiago.
11 February 2018
Keywords: Logroño, Santiago, bridge
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New poems

Putting up some new poems and some not so new poems these days.
9 February 2018
Keywords: New poems
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Auden and Stravinsky

The shabby, dandruff-speckled and slightly peculiar-smelling poet could not have been more unlike the neat, sartorially perfect and faintly eau-de-cologned composer.
06 March 2016
Keywords: Auden, Stravinsky, appearance
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Reading Pessoa

Came across this reading Pessoa today:


Tengo grandes estancamientos. No es que, todo el mundo, tarde días y días en contestar con una postal la carta urgente que me han escrito. No es que, como nadie, retrase indefinidamente lo fácil que me resulta útil, o lo útil que me resulta agradable. Hay mas sutileza en mi falta de entendimiento conmigo mismo. Me estanco en el alma misma. Se produce en mí una suspensión de la voluntad, de la emoción, del pensamiento, y esta suspensión dura magnos días.


There you go.

29 January 2012
Keywords: Reading Pessoa
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