Author: Paul House
Pages: 388
Publisher: Diiarts
Price: £11.99
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Author: Paul House
Pages: 216
Publisher: Diiarts
Price: £10.99
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Author: Paul House

Author: Paul House
Pages: 320

Author: Paul House
Pages: 435

Author: Paul House
Pages: 650

Author: Paul House
Pages: 300

Author: Paul House
Pages: 326

A Little Folding of the Hands to Sleep

Title: A Little Folding of the Hands to Sleep
Author: Paul House
Pages: 320

A novel about post-war Spain and the transition of the 1970's. It is a novel about love, revenge and obsession. Angel is on his way to meet his exiled Uncle who is coming back to Spain as a result of the amnesty granted by the first free government. On the way he meets an old itinerant farmer. Their conversations and memories lead to a surprising change in the young man's plans.

     If age, which is certainly

                                Just as wicked as youth, look any wiser,

                It is only that youth is still able to believe

                                It will get away with anything, while age

                Knows only too well that it has got away with nothing.


                               W.H.Auden  (The Sea and the Mirror)


                Tengo mucho miedo

                De las hojas muertas,

                Miedo de los prados

                Llenos de rocio.

                Yo voy a dormirme;

                Si no me despiertas,

                Dejaré a tu lado mi corazón frío.


                ¿Qué es eso que suena

                Muy lejos,

                Amor? El viento en las vidrieras,

                                ¡Amor mío!


                          Federico García Lorca    (Aire Nocturno)


                Voy a dormir, nodriza mía, acuéstame.

                Ponme una lámpara a la cabecera:

                una constelación; la que te guste;

                todas son buenas; bájala un poquito.

                Déjame sola; oyes romper los brotes ...

                te acuna un pie celeste desde arriba

                y un pájaro te traza unos compases

                para que olvides ... Gracias. Ah, un encargo;

                si él llama nuevamente por teléfono

                le dices que no insista, que he salido ...


                          Alfonsina Storni (Voy a Dormir)

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